Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Summarizing with Evidence

There were 3 videos containting to writing research papers.  The first was about how to summarize and the appropriate length for a summary.  A summary is basically the main idea of a paper.  As long as the summary doesn't exceed the paper it should be acceptable according to the video.  So the summary can range from one sentence to a lot of sentences depending on the paper.  The second video was about how many keywords should be used to find a resource.  According to the video three keywords should be ok.  The video compared google and the library search as different.  The difference was that on google a person can type a sentence and find stuff related to it, but the library search uses only keywords.  The last video was about citing where your information has came from.  They compared it to wearing pants because citations shows respect and make you look smart instead of dumb.

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