Monday, October 24, 2011

Aids in Lake Victoria

There are a lot of different reasons AIDS has a bigger effect in Africa than the US.  The main reason is the parts in Africa that have AIDS are very poor and have to do anything to get income.  Family members have died of AIDS leaving multiple children left with only their mom left.  This forces the women to join a system called, "The Jaboya System".  This system was horrible and caused AIDS to spread rapidly.  Women had to have sexual relationships with the fishermen for their fish.  Some of the fishermen used condoms but a lot of them didn't like to.  Then some women even had sex with the bus drivers to make sure the fish they bought made it to the market.  With a lot of women having to use the system because of their financial struggles, AIDS spreads out easily.  That's only one reason why AIDS are worst in Africa than the US.  Another reason also could be because African culture believes the disease is a curse and can't be transmitted through sex.  That has had a large impact on Africa's population.  The solution to this problem is for other countries to help Lake Victoria through money and more information on AIDS.  With that help the women wouldn't have to do the Jaboya System because they will have money to support their kids.  Less women in the system would tremendously help the spread of AIDS there.  Also more information on AIDS can help them see how serious AIDS is and how important condoms are.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Summarizing with Evidence

There were 3 videos containting to writing research papers.  The first was about how to summarize and the appropriate length for a summary.  A summary is basically the main idea of a paper.  As long as the summary doesn't exceed the paper it should be acceptable according to the video.  So the summary can range from one sentence to a lot of sentences depending on the paper.  The second video was about how many keywords should be used to find a resource.  According to the video three keywords should be ok.  The video compared google and the library search as different.  The difference was that on google a person can type a sentence and find stuff related to it, but the library search uses only keywords.  The last video was about citing where your information has came from.  They compared it to wearing pants because citations shows respect and make you look smart instead of dumb.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

AIDS in the World

In my view of HIV/AIDS in the world is that it can't be stopped and it isn't going to do nothing but spread even worst.  Scientist are still to this day looking for ways to cure the disease despite how long it has been around.  They have found nothing but a way to prolong the effects of the disease.  Eventually the antibiotics they have will wear off and the infected person will die.  So the future for AIDS in the world aren't looking good but actually worst.  Hopefully a miracle will happen and a cure will be found.

Homosexual Equality

The debate over gay marriage is the equal rights they have in American society.  A lot of rights that straight married couples have, homosexual marriages don't have.  Personally I wouldn't vote or participate in anything that had to do with the rights of homosexuals because I feel it would affect me in any circumstances.  If I had to put my opinion in something I wouldn't allow gay marriage because of religious reasons.  In a Christian's point of view the bible talks of homosexuality being a sin.  Therefore I tend to go against it although everybody is born in sin and tend to sin throughout their lives.  Other than religious reasons gay marriage is alright because they are humans just like everybody else so they should be treated the same with equal rights.

Domestic Violence

I believe domestic violence is one main problem separating families.  It is obvious that when a person is beaten on they are not loved.  That is a conflict because I believe love is the number one word when it comes to a family.  Therefore if there is no love, then there is no family.  Domestic violence is mainly physical, but can be mental as well.  Anything that is considered to be intimidating to another is domestic violence.  Therefore even if their is no physical abuse a person can still verbally say something that is intimidating.  With that said domestic violence is popular throughout today's society and it is sometimes occurring unknowingly.  As long as it occurs families will be destroyed and marriages will be complicated!

No Choice

Western civilization marriages contain a lot of different ancient cultures. Roman, Hebrew, and Germanic cultures are the most popular. Most of the time families bought the husband and wife together making it arranged marriages. So in other words they had no choice and were forced together. The medieval Christian church was the policy being used. Lastly the wife had less power then the husband and was expected to be subservient to him.

First Post

I am Mark Bridges and I like to have fun! God, family, and football almost sums up my life. The purpose of me creating this blog is to strengthen my writing skills and interact with others. I took this course because its required and by taking it i look to get better at writing papers.